Articles for Parents

Parents – here are some resouces for you

You might want to review the suggestions for helping your child learn and improve their reading skills found on this government website (  There are many free resources on the web (here’s another: and at your local library.  The librarians will be happy to help you find just what you need.  Check the Sedona Public Library website ( for hours at the West Sedona location and the Village of Oak Creek location.  Or call the main library at 282-7714 or the Village center at 284-1603.  Both locations have wonderful children’s books available for check out.

Helpful articles

Among the free advise available for parents are several articles on the website for Reading Is Fundamental.  They cover such topics as motivating your child to read, the importance of reading aloud – in any language, ways for reading to be fun and what to expect for reading levels.  Check them out at